Emerging in the dance scene in the most distinct of fashions, Jordan Savage is more than set on reaching global dominance, and we are all for it. ” - Ouranios Savva

We Rave You

Much like the archetypal hero's journey, the project weaves through a series of sonic transformations, borrowing inspiration from house, trap, melodic dubstep and more.” - Jason Heffler


In the eclectic world of electronic music, Jordan Savage introduces us to a unique blend, a hybrid bass music that seamlessly marries disparate elements to create a singular, cohesive sound.” - John Bass Heart Beat Sounds

John Bass Heart Beat Sounds

New Release: 19 February 2024

“Unleash Yourself” on LVLD Records

The latest single from Jordan Savage “Unleash Yourself” combines elements of Heavy Metal with the more familiar bass music elements of Dubstep to create a headbangers anthem.   The track is all about letting go of a troubled past to realize your true potential… enjoy!! 🤘🏼


Jordan Savage is an electronic music producer based in Colorado, USA, focusing on the sub-genres of bass house and some future bass. He recently completed his debut EP titled ICONIC, set to release in less than a week. More information about ICONIC below.  Jordan Savage grew up drumming and competing in drum lines all through high school. After high school, he enlisted in the Army and got away from music for a while. Last year, he enrolled in music production school at ICON Collective to get back to his true passion, making music. Sky is Falling was the first song to see real support on Spotify, sitting at just under 50K streams in a couple months.

Future plans for the Jordan Savage project include live shows in the Colorado area, primarily in Denver.  Updates will be sent out via the mailing list.

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Released: 2 February 2024

“I’m Broken” on Regroup Records

Jordan Savage returns with a melodic dubstep track about heartbreak and the impacts of young love.  With a male lead vocal and some very melodic portions, this track takes listeners on a sonic journey. 


Released 12 October 2023 🤘🏼

ICONIC is a 6-track debut EP consisting of 3 brand new releases and 3 new mixes to previous favorites (Sky is Falling, Bang Bang, Welcome To My Hell).  The title of the album is a respectful nod to the school Icon Collective that provided the useful tools and training to grow as an artist.  This EP features melodic bass music in the genres of Bass House, Melodic Dubstep and some hybrid bass music.  Stream  ICONIC at the link below! 🤘🏼 Short previews available below as well.